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Are you aware of keeping your data such as histories for long time by posting them on private or public website, or getting such information from the web?

  • Are you still thinking that we are in the old-model world or life style whereby you will be losing your important information that could have been forwarded to the next generation?
  • Why are your information, talent, professions, skills and many more are not up to the proximity of 1KMs away from you to the globe?
  • Is it because you are not aware of the modern technologies or because you felt that you cannot afford it?
  • Find out on this website by selecting the category of your choice.


  • We teach computer to the advance level, in combination with practicals in all nooks and cranny of this country (Nigeria), distance is not our barrier.
  • We design a website at cheap and affordable prices.
  • We cast important and updated 9ja News.
  • We place the histories of some prominent places nationwide.
  • We advertise on our website.
  • We help with materials or writes full projects of all courses to all students that are ready. (Note: materials and chapter one of all courses and all project topics are free, but FULL WRITE-UP are paid @ the price of N 8,000.00 only).
  • And so on, for more inquiries contact our Admin on our Contact Us page or download our APK application here.


  • If you want to be featured by our website by puting your details and picture below as the Mr./Boy/Girl/Miss etc of the month, comment on this post with your name and send the details to yonnysite@gmail.com.


See example below.

Here is the Mr. of YONNYSITE of the month.


Mr. Yonny, The C.E.O of the website.

Title: Mr.

Name: Yohanna Ezra

E-Mail: yohannaezra45@gmail.com

Hobbies: Research and blogging

Phone No.: +2348088929448

State of Origin: Adamawa

LGA: Mubi North

Month represented: July, 2018


NB: Send only those details you want to be published to the public and or the audience of ;